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Budget Nylon Loop Carpet

Solvent or UV printable nylon loop pile carpet.

Available in:

  • Roll of 4x30 meter
  • optionally avaialbe in 200, 320 or any width up to 400 cm

Background information:

Carpet is available in different qualities, high pile low pile, dense open pile. Inkjet printing carpets has limitations, only a limited amount of inkt can be put on the carpet. A high dense carpet pile can only be printed max 1-3 mm deep into the pile. Given the limitions of inkjet printing carpets our nylon loop pile is ideal for inkjet printing. The pile is only 2-3mm in height, total height around 5 mm. The low pile will enable you to get good coverage and penetration. Please note that using UV or Solvent the carpet can only be used for a short time. For events and exhibitions the life-time is sufficient.

UV and Solvent Printable

The nylon loop pile can be printed using wide format UV or Solvent printers. Typically UV printing will give more vibrant colours, but less penetration.